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What innovations in technology, culture and policy will we need to be secure in five years?








The first Annual CAMS Cybersecurity Innovation Symposium (CCIS) was a big success!

We are please to announce that May 11, 2023 is the date of the next CCIS!


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It’s a pretty sure bet that the cybersecurity innovations that protect us in today will not be sufficient to keep us secure in 5 years from now.  We must start now to create our secure future.

This conference brings together thought leaders, policy makers, researchers, C-level executives, venture capital, start up leaders, and students to share our visions of what cybersecurity will look like in 5 years, and to discuss what technology, policy, and organizational innovations we need to get us there. 

In 2022, participants came from all over the MIT Campus (and other universities)  plus from the US government, the CAMS Consortium, the VC community and more to discuss these important questions.  There is no better place than the MIT Sloan School of Management to discuss the latest thinking in cybersecurity leadership and management.

June 2, 2022 was the date of our inaugural event.  Registrations exceeded expectations, and there was a waitlist for participants.  The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and the request was made for a follow up symposium in 2023.  We heard you. Please plan on joining us in May, 2023 to continuing exploring these, and additional questions. We cannot get to the future we envision if we don’t start now.

Our 2022 event was recorded in these graphic posters:

Keynote with Dmitri Alperovitch 
Panel: Visionary Perspectives 
Keynote with Stephen Boyer 
Panel: Technology Innovations we need to be Secure in Five Years
Panel: Policy Innovations we need to be Secure in Five Years
Panel: Organizational Innovations we need to be Secure in Five Years




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The 2022 Panelists and Discussion Leaders

Sam King 



Dmitri Alperovitch

Co-Founder and Chairman

Silverado Policy Accelerator 

Tim Kosiba


Bracket f. Inc. 

Andrew McClure


Forgepoint Capital

Tim Booher 

Vice President

Lockheed Martin

Aithan Shapira 

Senior Lecturer 

MIT Sloan School

Stephen Boyer

Founder, CTO


Andy Ellis


Orca Security

Elizabeth Royer

Executive Director

Deciphera Pharmaceuticals 

Ganesh Pai

Founder and CEO 


Danny Weitzner

Principal Research Scientist

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

Lauren Zabierek

Executive Director of the Cyber Project

Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center

Brandon Wales

Executive Director

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Keri Pearlson

Executive Director

Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS)

Rob Knake

Cyber Director for Budget and Policy

National Security Council

Jill Areson-Perkins

Product Owner/Manager Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Roger Grimes

Data-Driven Defense Evangelist


Una-May O’Reilly

Principal Research Scientist 


Stuart Madnick

Professor and Founder of CAMS


Michael Siegel



Roy Akerman

CO Founder and CEO


Dan Schiappa

Chief Product Officer

Artic Wolf

Get Involved

If you are interested in collaborating with CAMS and the CCIS please do not hesitate to reach out. A tiered donation model makes it easy to contribute to our cause, get involved, and provide feedback to the conference’s agenda.

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Leave with Actionable Insights


Will share actionable, applicable information about cyber innovations they are adopting and learn about new technologies they can apply to their organizations.


Will align their research with the market to avoid ‘inside-out’ innovation, challenge existing paradigms and shape the future of cyber technology transformation.


Will speak directly with customers and interested parties to grow and challenge their ideas, creating a product/market fit.

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