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"We found new ways to solve challenging problems;

Timely and advanced research from (IC)3 has given us critical insights into issues that are existential threats to our industry” − Andrew Stanley, CAMS member and CISO of Mars, Incorporated

Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan's Executive Education Program

We are delighted to share with you that Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan’s acclaimed Executive Education programs are available for you and your colleagues!  A three-day live online program will teach non-cybersecurity executives the basics they need to know to help your organization be more cyber-resiliant. And the 6-week virtual program is perfect for non-cybersecurity leaders who want to understand basic concepts of cybersecurity leadership from their own desk.   For more information, please visit MIT’s executive education website or sign up today.

CAMS Wins IACIS Best Paper Award: Compliance and Cybersecurity

Congratulations to Stuart Madnick, Co-Director and Co-Founder of Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS), and Angelica Marotta (CAMS and National Research Council of Italy) who have won the 2021 Best Paper Award from the IACIS (International Association for Computer Information Systems) Europe Conference. The award was announced last month during the virtual 2021 IACIS Europe Conference, organized by the Management Institute of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW.


COVID-19: Open Season For Cyberattacks

SIBOS, the annual conference and networking event, with usually 7,000 participants, organized by SWIFT for the financial services industy, was held virtually this year. CAMS Directors Stuart Madnick and Keri Pearlson were invited to be part of SIBOS TV, and were interviewed as part of the conference. Dr. Pearlson spoke about the importance of building a cybersecurity culture and the role of leaders to shape the values, attitudes, and beliefs that drive cybersecurity behaviors. Prof. Madnick was interviewed on the topic of COVID-19 as the open season for cyberattacks.

What we Learned from Analyzing the Capital One Breach

CAMS Director Stuart Madnick presented research on the Capital One Breach. The 2019 Capital One breach was the result of a pervasive lack of controls from establishing an effective risk assessment to the design and implementation of their cloud migration initiative. Over 106 million people were impacted, resulting in a hefty civil penalty suit. What happened was clear, but why it happened was not. Prof. Stuart discussed how proven methodologies can help mitigate risks in organizations.

Opportunities to Discuss Research with CAMS Researchers

CAMS Discuss Research with Our Researchers, Quarterly| Events Schedule | CAMS members and invited guests only.

CAMS offers quarterly webinars for our partners and members to hold intimate discussions with the brains behind the latest and greatest in cyber security research. These webinars cover an array of current topics, from compliance to cloud security to supply chain research. If you want the opportunity to attend one of these events, find out more about becoming a CAMS member here. 

Harvard Business Review features CAMS Research

CAMS published five recent articles in Harvard Business Review in 2020 and 2021:

“How to Safeguard Against Cyberattacks on Utilities” by Stuart Madnick
“A Cyber Attack Doesn’t have to Sink your Stock Price” by Keman Huang and Stuart Madnick
“The Tiktok Ban Should Worry Every Company” by Keman Huang and Stuart Madnick
“Cyberattacks Are Inevitable. Is Your Company Prepared?” by Keri Pearlson, Brett Thorson, Stuart Madnick, and Michael Coden.
“Is Third-Party Software Leaving you Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?” by Keman Huang, Keri Pearlson, and Stuart Madnick



Wall Street Journal: How the U.S. China Fight for TikTok Further Fractures the Internet

CAMS Founding Director Stuart Madnick was interviewed in a video titled: “How the U.S- China Fight for for TikTok Further Fractures the Internet”.

Stuart Madnick also had an article published for the Wall Street Journal titled: “More ‘Side Door’ Hacks are coming: Here is how Businesses Can Prepare.” 


Why Join Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan?

Benefit from usable research! Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS), formerly (IC)3, is focusing MIT’s uniquely qualified interdisciplinary faculty and researchers on the fundamental principles of cyberspace, cybercrime, & cybersecurity applied to critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan is a confidential academic forum in which leaders and managers can benefit from the experiences of CSO/CISOs across multiple sectors.


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