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Our goal at Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan is to add value to policy debate through issue expertise, innovation, and explanation for topics related to critical infrastructure. Citations in the press help us maximize our impact by extending our work to reach mainstream audiences.


January 23, 2020: Stuart Madnick wrote an article for Harvard Business Review “How to Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks on Utilities” 

January 14, 2020: Stuart Madnick interviewed in USA Today “Russians Hacked Ukraine company Burisma at Heart of Trump Impeachment, Cybersecurity Firm says”



November 22, 2019: Stuart Madnick featured in an article on “8 Do’s and Don’ts of Security Architecture”

October 24, 2019: Keri Pearlson interviewed with MIT Sloan’s Christopher Reichert for a podcast: “Keri Pearlson Executive Director of Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan” 

October 17, 2019 : Stuart Madnick wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal: “The Ethics of AI: What Happens When Humans Can’t Agree on What is ‘Right’?” 

August 1, 2019: Stuart Madnick spoke with SiliconANGLE theCUBE“If your self-driving car had to choose whom to hit: Ethics questions stump AI”

July 31, 2019: Stuart Madnick interviewed on SiliconANGLE theCUBE in a video podcast- “MIT CDOIQ 2019”

July 24, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in SD Times- “Report: The Costs of Data Breaches Are Rising” 

July 24, 2019: Stuart Madnick and Shaharyar Khan discussed cybersafety with the MIT Energy Initiative podcast- “Cybersafety” 

July 12, 2019: Stuart Madnick appeared in The Economist“Companies Must Get Ready for a Riskier World

July 1, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources“FDA Warns Diabetics That Hackers Could Compromise Their Insulin Pumps”

June 28, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Tech Target“Build a proactive cybersecurity approach that delivers”

2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Forbes“Cybersecurity Trailblazers Make Security Intrinsic To Their Business”

June 18, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in MIT Sloan website“The risks and unintended consequences of blockchain”

June 10, 2019: Stuart Madnick interviewed in C6 Medium“O que os executivos precisam saber sobre cibersegurança” and English translation

June 8, 2019: Stuart Madnick mentioned in Epoca “Stuart Madnick, Do MIT: ‘O Hacker Tem Mais Vantagens Num Ataque Virtual'” and English translation

June 6, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Yahoo! Finance“MIT Professor Claims Blockchain Technology Is Not as Secure as Claimed”

June 6, 2019: Stuart Madnick writes an article for The Wall Street Journal“Blockchain Is Unbreakable? Think Again.”

May 19, 2019: Keman Huang, Sophie Herscovici, and Stuart Madnick write an article for Georgetown Journal of International Affairs“Cybersecurity for Global Medical Device Supply Chain: The U.S. FDA’s Role”

May 15, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Energy Futures“Protecting our energy infrastructure”

April 28, 2019. Stuart Madnick quoted in the South China Morning Post’s article “Are Smart Locks Safe? Hear What Security Experts Say and Check out the Latest Models” 

April 25, 2019: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources“Mueller Report Re-Opens Debate Over Government Access to Tech Encryption Keys”

April 19, 2019: Michael Siegel mentioned in Stay Safe Online“Industry and Government Experts Discuss Incident Response at NCSA and Nasdaq Cybersecurity Summit at the Nasdaq MarketSite”

April 19, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in Inside Sources“Mueller Report: Russians Easily Manipulated Social Media, Effortlessly Stole Voter Info” 

March 26, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in Inside Sources“Do the EU’s Strict Privacy Rules Increase Cyber Risk?”

2019: Stuart Madnick is interviewed about Internet of Things in Wealth Security Management by Cutter Associates Wealth (page 36)

March 4, 2019: Stuart Madnick is featured in MIT Sloan website“Blockchain Hype: Irrational Exuberance Redux”

February 28, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in Inside Sources“Cyber Attacks, Not Nukes, May Be North Korea’s Most Dangerous Weapon”

February 26, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in Inside Sources“Hospitals Are Cyber Criminals’ Newest, Biggest Target”

February 19, 2019: Stuart Madnick is featured in MIT Sloan website“These are the cyberthreats lurking in your supply chain”

February 14, 2019: Keri Pearlson is featured on NBC Boston“Take Back Your Privacy: Hiding Your Digital Footprints”

February 1, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in ITPro“5G security concerns persist with new research pointing to critical flaw”

January 28, 2019: Stuart Madnick and Keri Pearlson are quoted in MIT Sloan website“Cybersecurity isn’t just for ‘tech people’ anymore. Here’s why.”

January 18, 2019: Stuart Madnick is quoted in Inside Sources“Should Tech Companies Compromise Users’ Personal Privacy for Better Cybersecurity?”

January 18, 2019: Mohammad Jalali writes an article for The Hill“Health-care sector is far too vulnerable to cybersecurity threats”

January 4, 2019: Stuart Madnick, Simon Johnson, and Keman Huang write an article for Harvard Business Review – “What Countries and Companies Can Do When Trade and Cybersecurity Overlap”


December 18, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources“Congress Still Doesn’t Understand Cybersecurity”

November 7, 2018: Mohammad Jalali interviewed in MIT Sloan Newsroom“8 Steps to a Stronger Cybersecurity Strategy”

November 2, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources – “Think Tank Gives Swing States an ‘F’ For Elections Security”

October 24, 2018: Keri Pearlson quoted in Tech Target –  “Cybersecurity culture: Arrow in CIOs’ quiver to fight cyberthreats”

October 8, 2018: Mohammad Jalali writes an article for MIT Sloan Management Review – “The Trouble With Cybersecurity Management”

October 4, 2018: Keri Pearlson pictured in CREDC News –  “2018 CREDC Industry Workshop Impresses Attendees”

October 2, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Illuminating Engineering Society“Will connected lighting’s security story have a happy ending?”

October 1, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in“Big Banks See Uptick In Cyberattack Attempts”

September 6, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources“Federal Agencies Are Woefully Unprepared for Cyberattacks, Experts Say”

August 23, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources“Oops. DNC Cyber Attack Backtrack Casts Doubt on Midterms’ Security”

August 22, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Mashable“Instagram hacks raise questions about its 2FA Security”

August 22, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inverse“With 5G, Cybersecurity Researchers See a Hotbed of Security Risks”

August 8, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in Inside Sources – “FCC Denies Cyber Attack Ever Happened, But the Evidence Isn’t Clear-Cut”

June 30, 2018: Stuart Madnick quoted in the Straits Times“As tech evolves, so do security needs”

June 9, 2018: Stuart Madnick speaks on “What Every Manager Should Know about Cybersecurity” at the MIT Sloan Reunion 2018.  Watch the full video of his talk here.

May 29, 2018: Stuart Madnick writes an article for The Wall Street Journal – “How Companies Can Create a Cybersafe Culture at Work”

May 23, 2018: Stuart Madnick and Keman Huang were quoted in the MIT Sloan Newsroom about GDPR – “What to watch after GDPR’s Rollout”

May 22, 2018: Stuart Madnick attending the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.  You can watch the video of his panel here, on YouTube.  The title of the panel was CIO’s Role in C-level Cybersecurity Leadership.

April 25, 2018:  Mohammad Jalali writes a piece for The Conversation about the importance of cybersecurity in hospitals – “Defending hospitals against life-threatening cyberattacks”

February 12, 2018: Stuart Madnick presents at ARC Industry Forum Orlando 2018 – “Cyber Threats to Smart Cities, Or “Smart Cities” Can Be Dumb”

January 16, 2018: Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan’s IAP is announced in MIT Sloan News – “MIT Sloan to Host “Think Security” Event Focused on Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”

January 3, 2018: Stuart Madnick is quoted in BBC News – “The labs that protect against online warfare”


December 13, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in December issue of Época NEGOCIOS – “Como a sociedade pode se proteger contra ataques cibernéticos, se gundo professor do MIT” with English translation “Why worry about the recent leak of 1.4 billion passwords in the “dark web” – Business Season | Tecneira”

December 13, 2017: Stuart Madnick gives a webinar for MIT Sloan Alumni Online – “What Every Manager Should Know About Cybersecurity”

December 11, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in Payments News – “Data Dive Christmas Carol Edition: Bills, Bitcoin And Banks”

December 3, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in the Wall Street Journal – “Banks Build Line of Defense for Doomsday Cyberattack”

November 29, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in Quartz – “The US could be on the verge of dismantling digital privacy as we know it”

November 9, 2017: Stuart Madnick Quoted in Information Age – “Most women have decided against a career in cyber security before they’re 16 “

November 9, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in Computer Business Review – “Nearly 80% of young women would NEVER consider career in IT”

November 1, 2017: Stuart Madnick gives an interview with Bloomberg – “Bloomberg Baystate Business: Suffolk Downs and Amazon” Listen to the full interview here.  For Professor Madnick’s piece, see 29:00 – 38:00.

October 26, 2017: Michael Siegel quoted in Infosecurity Magazine – “Cybersecurity and the CFO: Risk, Responsibility and Resilience”

September 14, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in Infosecurity Magazine – “The Battle for Cybersecurity Talent in America: East Coast vs. West Coast”

September 11, 2017: Stuart Madnick addresses Healthcare Security Forum (HICSS) – “Equifax hack: What cybersecurity pros are saying about the breach”

September 8, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in Bob Scheier report for Google on cloud security – “Behind the Growing Confidence in Cloud Security”

September 5, 2017: Gregory Falco, CAMS Researcher, featured on MIT’s Home page – “Gregory Falco: Protecting urban infrastructure against cyberterrorism”

August 16, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in LifeHacker article – “We asked Five Security Experts if Smart Locks are Ever Safe”

August 3, 2017: Stuart Madnick’s Webinar at Harvard Business Review – “Cybersecurity for the C-Suite”

July 31, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in The Wrap“Did Apple’s Tim Cook Just Sell Out to Chinese Censors?”

July 31, 2017: Mohammad Jalali Column at The Conversation – “How to Boil Down a Pile of Diverse Research Papers into One Cohesive Picture”

July 13, 2017: CAMS research, Professors Stuart Madnick and Nazli Chouri, Research Affiliate Jerry Grochow and other CAMS team members featured in Sloan Magazine – “Battling Cybercrime: MIT Tackles a Global Challenge”

May 2017: Michael Siegel quoted in TechTarget – “Not Investing in Cybersecurity has ‘Inverse ROI”

May 2017: Keri Pearlson quoted in MIT Sloan News – “How to Survive a Hack: Management Trumps Technology”

May 19, 2017: Stuart Madnick quoted in the Boston Globe – “WannaCry fades, but worries remain”

May 10, 2017: Stuart Madnick’s Column at Harvard Business Review – “Preparing for the Cyberattack That Will Knock Out U.S. Power Grids.”

May 8, 2017: Stuart Madnick article in – “Security Surprises Arising from the Internet of Things (IoT)”

Winter 2017: Stuart Madnick interview in Sloan Alumni magazine article about CAMS work : “Taking a Management Approach to Fighting Cybercrime”

April 24, 2017: Sloan and Stuart Madnick in Financial Times China: 应对黑客攻击从MBA抓起

April 6, 2017: Financial Times “MBAs vs hackers: leaders of the future learn to fight cyber crime”

March 15, 2017: CAMS on Panel: “The Internet of Things – Attack Vulnerabilities and Solutions” at Financial Times Cyber Security Summit in Washington, DC

Jan 2017: Stuart Madnick Interview in Sloan Management Review: “What Executives Get Wrong About Cybersecurity”


Nov 2016: Madnick Blog for MIT Sloan: “Security and the Internet of Things”

Oct 5, 2016: Madnick Op Ed in The Conversation: “Should NSA and Cyber Command have separate leadership?”

Oct 3, 2016: Madnick interview in Poets & Quants: “At Cybersecurity Summit, Warnings For Biz, And All”

Sept 2016: Madnick interview for CNBC:  “The real and growing threat of cyber crime to corporations”

April 30, 2016: Madnick Interview in Tech Target: “Security of IoT-enabled devices remains low priority for developers”

April 30, 2016: Madnick Interview in Tech Target: “Dark Web: hackers trump good guys in sharing information”

April 30, 2016: Madnick Interview in Tech Target: “MIT Sloan research: CISOs enter the boardroom”

April 20, 2016:  Videos: Professor Madnick and Dr. Jalali talk at the MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference. Watch videos here and here.

March 5, 2016: Video: Michael Siegel talks about cybersecurity at the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum: Industry in Transition. Watch video


July 27, 2015: CRN Interview of CAMS Director Stuart Madnick, and video of Professor Madnick’s presentation on “Why CDOs Should Be In Charge of Cybersecurity” at the MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium, July 23 & 23, 2015.

June 29, 2015: Tech Target writes about CAMS and interviews Director Stuart Madnick: “New tactics for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity pushed by MIT consortium”

June 28, 2015: Writes about CAMS and interviews Director Stuart Madnick: “Innovative Masdar Institute and MIT research targets UAE cyber infrastructure security challenges”

June 25, 2015: CIO Magazine “Solving the unstructured data challenge” – quotes CAMS’s Stuart Madnick Video Interview 1 Video Interview 2

June 2, 2015: International Conference on Computer Security in a Nuclear World: Expert Discussion and Exchange, June 1-5, Vienna, Austria – CAMS invited to present: Cyber Safety: A Systems Thinking and Systems Theory Approach to Managing Cybersecurity Applied to TJX Case – presented by Michael Coden

May 20, 2015: MIT CIO Symposium Cybersecurity New Approaches Assessing and Maximizing Your Protection Presentation and Panel Moderator – CAMS Director Stuart Madnick View Video of Professor Madnick’s presentation and the panel

April 21, 2015: The Wolves of Vuln Street: The 1st System Dynamics Model of the 0day Market – presented by CAMS Associate Director Michael Siegel, and Katie Moussouris of HackerOne

March 18, 2015: Bloomberg Advantage March 12, 2015: CAMS Launched at the “Cybersecurity at MIT” Event

March 11, 2015: CAMS Featured in the Wall Street Journal – to View the Article Click Here

March 4, 2015: features CAMS and CAMS Director Stuart Madnick in article about MIT’s new Cybersecurity Programs – to View the Article Click Here

February 12, 2015: CAMS presents four papers and two industry panels at the ARC Industry Forum

February 11, 2015: CAMS Associate Director Michael Siegel appears on the President’s Executive Plenary panel at the ARC Industry Forum


December 22, 2014: CAMS Director, Professor Stuart Madnick, is quoted in the Boston Globe, commenting on the SONY breach – ‘Interview’ attack may signal new cyberwar

November 18, 2014: The Hewlett Foundation makes a grant of $15 million to MIT for Cybersecurity Research – Hewlett Foundation Announces $45 Million in Grants to MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley to Establish Major New Academic Centers for Cybersecurity Policy Research

March 17, 2014: Read CAMS Director Professor Stuart Madnick in about Target and other breaches – After Target data theft, hackers’ next target is you


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